2023 Manawatu Super 6’s

Really exciting times. The coach from the University of Florida is flying to little Ole NZ to watch me play……. …then disaster struck… Cyclone Gabrielle wiped out our beloved province. ..my grandparents house under water. Bridges smashed to pieces. No way in or out of Napier….People dead in there houses, silt up to the top of there windows. Never seen anything like it. I called the coach n told him the news…we can still do this, I’m still coming, we’ll make it work.

I borrowed some clubs and jumped on a flight to Palmerston North to play the Manawatu Super 6s. We met the coach the morning of the tournament. I played 3 holes at the Palmerston Nth GC to get used to the new clubs. I didn’t feel many nerves. I really liked JC, the Florida coach. I had 3 good rounds of golf finished at 10 under, 8th place, 2nd place amateur and was really proud of myself. Ended up beating Sam Jones in the first round of matchplay but lost my second match. Bugga. Should have made the semis but after the week I’d had….very proud of myself.

AND….University of Florida offered me a full scholarship….so happy, once on a lifetime opportunity ????

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