2021 Interprovincials

2021 NZ Interprovincials in Ashburton.
Bit of added pressure on me this week. I had the honour of being named captain of our team and I also had to sit my English exam while I was down there.
What a week, my moto for the last 6 months didn’t change for this week , a heap of mongrel, a little arrogance, patience and fun. The team moral was great, and well battled and faught our way through the round robin stages and getting a half against Otago we make the semis by .5 of a game. The closest of nargins. Our semi was against top ranked #1 Waikato. Our boys came out on fire winning the match 4/1. Wow…we’re in the final…….against …Taranaki.
It’s a amazing feeling playing finals. The pressure, nerves, you gotta love it. Our final didn’t start well, Taranaki’s #4 and #5 had good leads after 9 holes and we were beaten 3/2. Congratulations Taranaki.
As a individual perspective, throughout the tournament I started racking up wins, and as I was playing #2 they were against really good players. At the end of pool play I was unbeaten. I win my semi final match and performed well again in the final to win that match also.
Jeff Hewitt, 3/2 W
James Tauriki, 1 up W
Matt Mclean, 3/2 W
Tyler Mclean, 5/4 W
Ryan Bellamy, 2up W
Jordan Woodall, 3/2 W
Cameron Harlock, 1up W.
15 years old and unbeaten. I missed one match as I had to sit my English exam, but I’d like to think I would have won that match as well? Very proud of our week. Great team, great culture, great result, great support. ?

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